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A Series of One-Day Discussions on Humanitarian Principles for Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik in Palu, Donggala dan Jakarta.

The humanitarian emergency situation in Central Sulawesi resulted from the recent earthquake coupled with tsunami and liquefaction require effective response management and coordination from the present humanitarian responders.  Good understanding and exercising the humanitarian protection, principles, as well as personal […]

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Series of Capacity Building for ChildFund Indonesia’s Partners


Team Leader
Deddy Heriyanto


–  Project Cycle Management
Deddy Heriyanto, Yohanes da Masenus Arus, Sri  Hidayati, Retno Agustin

–  Project Management
Deddy Heriyanto, Yohanes da Masenus Arus, Sri  Hidayati, Retno Agustin, Hadi Prayitno

–  Strategic Management
Deddy Heriyanto, Sri Kurnianingsih, I Made Sutama, Ari Soemodinoto

–  Community Development/Organizing […]

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CIRCLE Indonesia: A Brief History and Behind the Logo

Entering its 12th year of operation, CIRCLE Indonesia reflects on how it came into being and what was behind its logo.
The establishment of CIRCLE Indonesia dates back to the series of discussions initiated by Yohanes da Masenus Arus, Sabastian Saragih […]

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The Evaluation of the Better Approaches to Service Provision through Increased Capacities in Sulawesi Project (BASICS)

*Informasi hanya dalam Bahasa Inggris
Quantitative/Basic Survey:
North Sulawesi Team:

Main Evaluator: Yohanes da Masenus
Enumerator: Arthur Andries Noch Rogi, S.PI, Atanasius Diyan Setiawan, Debby A.M. Mamesah, Decky Tiwow, Jean Fanny Junita Timban, SP., MSi, Nofri Yohan Raco, Paultje Erij Sangian and […]

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Indonesian Corporate Sector–Civil Society Organizations (CS-CSO) Event – Hivos Southeast Asia

Building an Effective Partnership in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
CIRCLE Indonesia TEAM:
Team Leader              : Yanti Lacsana
Organizer Team        : Yani Lestari and Reina Asmedi
Art Director                : Bambang Gatot Pamungkas
Hivos Southeast Asia realizes the importance of engaging with both the private and corporate sectors to […]

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Workshops on Financial Literacy for Partners and Sub-Partners of MAMPU Program

CIRCLE Indonesia TEAM:
Team Leader:

Yani Lestari at preparation stage: July– early September 2016
Deddy Heriyanto at implementation

Topic 1: Financial Management

Deddy Heriyanto, Eny Dwi S (for the 1st batch) and Hadi Prayitno (starting 2nd batch): Facilitator
Reina Asmedi: Organizer/ Admin Finance Officer

Topic 2: […]

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Delivering Expanded Resources for AIDS Programming Project (DERAP) – USAID

CIRCLE Indonesia Team

Deddy Heriyanto, Team Leader
Galuh Andhani Ratih, Finance Officer
Reina A, Admin Officer
Panca Saktiyani, Gender Based Violence Specialist -DKI
Suhendro Sugiharto, Technical Integrity Adviser – DKI
Novitasari, Technical Integrity Consultant – DKI
Lucky Sanjaya, Technical Integrity Consultant – DKI
Edi Sugiarto, Community Empowerment & […]

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The Closing out of the USAID – KINERJA Program in Papua

Technical Assistance of the USAID – KINERJA Program in Papua was in progress for more than four (4) years from 2013 to 2016 in 4 (four) Regencies/City Partners; and the limited assistance in the province has produced many innovations in […]

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Impact Analysis of Coconut Sugar Program of Hivos Project in Kulon Progo and Banyumas

Consultant: Yanty Lacsana, Yani Lestari & Henricus Hari Wantoro
The study held in August 2015 is to determine the economic, social and environmental impact of program activities and assess the effectiveness of each strategies in achieving results, and the capacity of […]

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Economic Justice Regional and National (EJ ReNa) Meeting and Asia GROW Working Group Meeting

Lead organizer: Reina Asmedi
As part of the movement to reduce hunger and poverty in the world where natural resources are increasingly on the decline, Oxfam has initiated a campaign called GROW. This campaign includes the issue of food, climate change […]

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