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Series of Capacity Building for ChildFund Indonesia’s Partners


Team Leader Deddy Heriyanto
–  Project Cycle Management Deddy Heriyanto, Yohanes da Masenus Arus, Sri  Hidayati, Retno Agustin
–  Project Management Deddy Heriyanto, Yohanes da Masenus Arus, Sri  Hidayati, Retno Agustin, Hadi Prayitno
–  Strategic Management Deddy Heriyanto, Sri Kurnianingsih, I Made Sutama, Ari Soemodinoto
–  Community Development/Organizing Facilitators Tenti Kurniawati, Dimpos Manalu, Henricus Hari, Wasingatu Zakiyah, Sri Hidayati, Sukma Tin Aprillya, Maria Epik Pranasari
Organizer Reina Asmedi (lead), Ery Kurnianingsih, Tiwik Sri Mulyani


ChildFund is a US-based organization devoted for the welfare of children and young people by providing assistance to deprived, excluded and vulnerable children and young people. In Indonesia, the works are carried out by ChildFund Indonesia since 1958, although a formal Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Indonesia, in this case Ministry of Social Affairs, had just signed in 1973. Child protection is central for ChildFund Indonesia programming and it is embedded in the programming in each life stages. The ultimate goal is to ensure that children, as part of civil society, are free from violence and exploitation. Reducing children’s vulnerability to violence and exploitation is done by ChildFund Indonesia through a community-based child protection mechanism, built through a bottom-up process, and in partnership with children, community, schools, government and other stakeholders including business partners to create protective environment for children.

Today, ChildFund Indonesia is working with 16 local partners in eight provinces, across 32 districts and spread over 174 villages. The total number of beneficiaries is approximately 412,000 direct and indirect individuals. One of ChildFund’s commitments to its partners is increasing partners’ capacity, especially in design and planning, monitoring, evaluation, management, and community development. For this purpose, CIRCLE Indonesia has been appointed by ChildFund to facilitate and organize a series training on March – May 2018 in Yogyakarta. The training was conducted in 10 classes and attended by 253 participants.


The themes of the training are:

Training on Project Cycle Management


  • Pre-project assessment (problem analysis, institutional & policy analysis, stakeholders’ analysis, resources analysis)
  • Project design & work planning
  • SMART Indicator & MoV
  • Assumption, Risk
  • Formulation of results/change-oriented activities
  • Project implementation, and Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Reflection/learning
  • Transition phase (Exit & Sustainability Strategy)


Training on Project Management


  • Implementation planning:
    • Project Implementation Planning
    • Monitoring Plan
    • Financial Projection
  • Project Execution:
    • Leadership
    • Quality Management
    • Team Management
    • Time Management
    • Communications & Coordination
    • Cost Management
    • Risk Management
    • Stakeholders Management
  • Project Monitoring, Controlling, Reporting:
    • Internal Control
    • Input-Activity-Output Monitoring
    • Outcome Monitoring
    • Financial Monitoring
    • Reporting


Training on Strategic Management


  • Understanding constituents & their context
  • Revisit Vision & Mission
  • Revisit Values
  • Strategy Formulation
    • External Analysis: Social sectors (NGO sectors) dynamics, trend analysis of policies & practices that affect concerning issues, including constituent, donor preferences, etc
    • Resources Analysis: Analysis of organization’s competence and advantage
    • Formulation of organization’s products and services
    • Formulation of organization’s strategic objective and indicators
  • Execution Strategy:
    • Incentives & control system
    • Organization structure (strategic delivery)
  • Monitoring, Review & Learning Process


Training of Community Development/Organizing Facilitators


  • Understanding the Context of Government Policy on Village Government
  • Understanding the Village Business (Bumdes), Village Government Planning Practices (Musrenbang Practices) &, Village Fund (Dana Desa)
  • The basic of Community Development/ Organizing
  • Social analysis tools
  • Theories of communities organizing
  • Steps of organizing communities in Current Context
  • Participatory planning


Video on PCM and PM training:



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