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Workshops on Financial Literacy for Partners and Sub-Partners of MAMPU Program

CIRCLE Indonesia TEAM:

Team Leader:

  1. Yani Lestari at preparation stage: July– early September 2016
  2. Deddy Heriyanto at implementation

Topic 1: Financial Management

  1. Deddy Heriyanto, Eny Dwi S (for the 1st batch) and Hadi Prayitno (starting 2nd batch): Facilitator
  2. Reina Asmedi: Organizer/ Admin Finance Officer

Topic 2: Cash Flow Management

  1. Deddy Heriyanto, Sony Yusuf: Facilitator
  2. Tiem F. Usman: Co-Facilitator for the 1st batch
  3. Reina Asmedi: Organizer/ Admin Finance Officer

Topic 3: Project Finance Management

  1. Deddy Heriyanto and Sukma Tin Aprillya: Facilitator
  2. Ery Kurnianingsih: Organizer/ Admin Finance Officer

Paskalis, Ria and Ambar Riyadi: Notaker


Australia-Indonesia Partnership for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment” known as MAMPU Program, is an eight-year joint poverty alleviation initiative launched by the National Planning and Development Agency (BAPPENAS), and the Government of Australia, represented by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

The MAMPU Program goal is to improve the access of poor women in Indonesia to essential services and other government programs in order to achieve gender equality and women’s empowerment, and support the achievement the Government of Indonesia’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of relevance to MAMPU.

In the Phase II, MAMPU focuses on improving policies, regulations and government services through a partnership between inclusive coalitions of civil society organisations and other institutions that are concerned with and committed to helping resolve gender issues in development (see MAMPU Partners below).

One of MAMPU efforts to strengthen the partners’ organizations is by increasing their financial capacity. During Phase I, MAMPU has strengthened partners and selected sub-partners in their financial capacity through various trainings and workshops such as fraud training, electronic accounting systems training and reporting and grant management training.

Moving into Phase II, MAMPU directly support the sub-partners. The support on finance capacity aims to:

  • Improve capacity and quality on overall reporting system of sub-partners
  • Help the sub-partners to have more accurate documentation and reduce the rate of verification queries each month during acquittal checks
  • The sub-partners to better manage their budgets and improve the project management performance

CIRCLE Indonesia has been appointed by MAMPU Secretariat to facilitate and organize a series of Workshops on Financial Literacy in September 2016 – April 2017 in seven selected locations. Participants were partners and sub-partners from the nearby regions: Denpasar, Makassar, Medan, Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta and Batam. The workshop series attended by 477 participants; 426 female participants and 51 male participants.



  • Build the confidence and skills of MAMPU sub-partner managers (finance and others) to improve the financial literacy through assessing and managing critical financial risk and developing robust financing strategies and cash flow management;
  • Help MAMPU sub-partner managers to look at the more strategic aspects of NGO financial management and understand the building blocks that form part of NGO financial continuity and
  • Ensure key MAMPU sub-partner field-based project staff are equipped with the essential skills and confidence to ensure good work planning, finance and budget management practice in their organizations.
  • The national partner would get benefit from the strengthening capacity of their sub partners



Topic 1: Financial Management
It is aims that participant understand Frameworks and principles for robust financial management practice for project and organization, understand grant requirements and able to manage effectively, controlled and accountable way.

Topic 1 Finance Management: Financial Report Consolidation (PSAK 45) in Surabaya 13-15 March 17


Topic 1 Financial Management: Financial Planning and Budgeting in Yogyakarta 6-8 April 17


Topic 2: Cash Flow Management
It is aimed that participant understand a cash flow forecast is a short term projection of cash movement and its implications for the liquidity position of an organization. They will be able to manage balance of the timing and money flowing into and out of organization.

Topic 2 Cash Flow Management: Finance Strategy Introducing Sun Tool in Medan 11-12 Nov 16


Topic 2 Cash Flow Management – Finance Sustainability in Batam 23-24 Feb 17


Topic 3: Project Finance Management
This workshops is aimed that project staff are able to use financial management tools to implement project activities in a cost effective, controlled and accountable way

Topic 3 Project Finance Management: Project Accounting Essential in Jakarta 2-3 Nov 16


Topic 3 Project Finance Management: Project Cycle Management in Makassar 12-13 Oct 16



  • Run well, comprehensive, well-structured and in a participatory way
  • Felt the workshops objective were achieved
  • Can introduce the new concepts and knowledge i.e Sustainable SUN Tools, Business Plan, Income Stream & Result based Planning and Budgeting


For more information about MAMPU program, please click the link: http://www.mampu.or.id/en
Or follow them on twitter @ProgramMAMPU

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