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The Closing out of the USAID – KINERJA Program in Papua

Technical Assistance of the USAID – KINERJA Program in Papua was in progress for more than four (4) years from 2013 to 2016 in 4 (four) Regencies/City Partners; and the limited assistance in the province has produced many innovations in improving public services in the health and education sectors.

As one of KINERJA program implementation partners in Papua, CIRCLE Indonesia participated in the workshop on Sustainability of KINERJA Program Innovation and facilitated the Clinical Practice, both in health and education sectors. This event also marked the end of the KINERJA program in Papua.

This event was held at the Swiss Bell Hotel, Jayapura on 28 to 29 November 2016. Other groups who participated the event were from the District / Municipal, Provincial Government of Papua, Central Government, representatives of other programs and Implementing Partners Organizations (OMP).

On this occasion, CIRCLE Indonesia, represented by Genie F Fendy participated in:

  1. Exhibitions organized by the committee.
  2. The discussions that were held in the event
  3. Promoting CIRCLE Indonesia’s contribution in KINERJA program in favor of strengthening the Multi Stakeholder Forum (MSF) on health sector in four (4) working areas and strengthening the Board of Education in three (3) working areas.

CIRCLE Indonesia also had the opportunity of promoting its works by distributing CIRCLE Indonesia publications such as:

  1. Books with title: Panduan Pelatihan Advokasi Berorientasi Dampak (http://www.circleindonesia.or.id/panduan-pelatihan-advokasi-berorientasi-dampak/) and Modul Pelatihan: Pengelolaan Proyek Pembangunan Masyarakat Berorientasi Perubahan Sosial (http://www.circleindonesia.or.id/modul-pelatihan-pengelolaan-proyek-pembangunan-masyarakat-berorientasi-perubahan-sosial/)
  2. DVD with title: Gender and Disability (http://www.circleindonesia.or.id/gender-and-disability/) and A Brief about CIRCLE Indonesia (http://www.circleindonesia.or.id/1489/)


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