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In-House Training: Participatory Program Monitoring & Evaluation conducted for FONGTIL (Forum ONG Timor Leste)

One of CIRCLE Indonesia’s services in organizational capacity building is through provision of in-house training, which is a training based on client’s institution /organizations request. In an in-house training, all the participants come from the same institution/organization and the material is custom tailored to the specific needs and requests of the institution/organization. Generally, an in-house training is conducted at the client’s office or in a venue that is specified by the client.

In relation with that, on 9 – 11 November 2016 CIRCLE Indonesia was entrusted by the Forum ONG Timor Leste (FONGTIL) to conduct an in-house training on Participatory Program Monitoring and Evaluation for 8 (eight) FONGTIL staff members from various positions within the organization.

The training was held at Neo Malioboro Hotel, Yogyakarta. In this in-house training, CIRCLE Indonesia provided the facilities such as: room, breakfast, lunch, and 2 times coffee/tea break (morning and evening) in a 3 star hotel. At the end of the training, participants received copies of handouts and or power point presentations, CIRCLE Indonesia merchandise, and Training Certificate.

The training was facilitated by our three (3) reliable facilitators, namely:
1. Ima Susilowati
2. Sri Hidayati
3. Yohanes de Masenus Arus.

For more detailed information about CIRCLE Indonesia in-house training services, please contact: office@circleindonesia.or.id or telephone 0274-623896


The training went well. We learnt new things that are very useful for the future of FONGTIL institutions. And we will stick to the materials for FONGTIL’s M and E system in 2017.

The facilitators have conducted the training very well and were easily understood by the participants. In addition, the organizer has also been facilitating our needs very well.

CIRCLE Indonesia has become FONGTIL’s partner. If there are any needs for training in the future, we will discuss it with CIRCLE Indonesian. – Lourenco Tito Ximenes Lopes, Manager Program.


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