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SUM (Scaling Up for Most-At-Risk Polulation) II Project


SUM (Scaling Up for Most-At-Risk Polulation) II is a USAID-funded project. It is a 5-year project which focuses on scaling-up integrated interventions serving populations most-at-risk to HIV transmission in Indonesia. The project will provide TA and support in eight provinces—DKI Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, East Java, Riau, North Sumatra, Papua and West Papua; and will prioritize “hot spots” where high risky behaviors are most prevalent.

SUM II has two objectives: 1) to provide targeted assistance in organizational performance required to scale-up effective, integrated HIV/AIDS interventions that lead to substantial measurable behavior change among most-at-risk populations; and 2) to provide and monitor small grants to qualified CSOs to support the scale-up of integrated interventions in “hotspots,” where there is a high concentration of one or more most-at-risk populations and high-risk behavior is present.

In 2012, SUM II contracted 3 TA local technical assistance providers to work in two provinces, Jakarta DKI and East Java; to implement activities aimed at strengthening financial management and organizational systems. As a result, SUM II identified amongst its CSOs, promising CSOs with the potential to expand its coverage of services, mentor emerging CBOs and able to receive direct funding from USAID. These organizations are categorized at Principal CSOs (PCSOs). The remaining organizations are categorized as Developing CSOs (DCSOs).

SUM II made the decision to continue its support for organizational development for both PCSOs and DCSOs, with particular emphasis on strengthening the organizational capacity of PCSOs.

CIRCLE was contracted by the SUM II program on the 15 November 2011 to provide Technical Assistance (TA) on organizational development capacity building for 8 CSOs supported by USAID in Jakarta DKI. This TA is ongoing.

In 2013-2014, CIRCLE will also expand its scope to include organizational development for new CSOs in North Sumatera and existing CSOs in East Java. The emphasis of CIRCLE’s second year of activities will be to invest more time and energy on further strengthening organizational management systems of the Principle CSOs, while maintaining continuous support to Developing CSOs as needed; and preparing Principal CSOs to assume the role of future technical mentors to emerging CSOs and CBOs which will work to scale up coverage of HIV intervention in Jakarta DKI and East Java.

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